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The Public’s Confidence in the Supreme Court

This episode brings together U.S. federal judges in a conversation about judging, and the perception of the U.S. Supreme Court in particular, because of the loss of confidence by the American people in the Court.

Principles to Guide Electoral Count Act Reform

In this episode Levi is joined by the project’s co-chairs, Bauer and Goldsmith, who explain the purpose of the project and walk through the General and Specific Principles to

John Bellinger and Diane Orentlicher: 2022 Annual Dinner

Bellinger and Orentlicher discuss the international and domestic law issues relating to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the 2022 ALI Annual Dinner.

Special Program on the U.S. Supreme Court

Special Program on the U.S. Supreme Court

Kruger moderates a Sunday panel discussion with former U.S. Solicitors General Clement and Waxman at the 2022 ALI Annual Meeting.

Kim J. Askew: Wednesday Luncheon Speaker, 2022 Annual Meeting

Askew addresses members on the importance of the Institute’s work and membership engagement.

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