Coping with COVID: How Law Schools are Educating Students and Fostering Community

In this installment of the Coping with COVID series, ALI President and Director of the Bolch Judicial Institute, David F. Levi is joined by law school dean Kerry Abrams (Duke Law), Vikram D. Amar (Illinois Law), Heather Gerken (Yale Law), John F. Manning (Harvard Law), Jenny S. Martinez, and Jennifer L. Mnookin (UCLA Law) to discuss how their schools are adjusting to remote learning, including adapting experimental classes, clinics, and other hands-on courses to the online format. The deans also discuss how law schools are responding to the crisis by adjusting their admissions processes and re-allocating resources, all while maintaining a normal level of scholarly exchange and excitement. The panel also looks ahead to when schools may re-open as well as the effects of the pandemic on students outside of the classroom, including views on summer and permanent positions as well as bar exams.

This episode was produced jointly by The American Law Institute and the Bolch Judicial Institute at Duke Law School. To listen to the podcast version of this episode, visit The full episode transcript is available here. Please excuse typos due to inaudible passages or transcription errors.

The views and opinions expressed on this episode are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of The American Law Institute or the speakers’ organizations. The content presented in this broadcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Please be advised that episodes explore complex and often sensitive legal topics and may contain mature content.


Published: 2020


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