Protecting Individual Liberties: Recognizing the Value of State and Federal Courts

When U.S. citizens hear “constitutional law,” we tend to think only of the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Supreme Court, and the federal court system, effectively ignoring the power of state constitutional law. In his book 51 Imperfect Solutions, author Jeffrey S. Sutton (6th Circuit) argues that American Constitutional Law should account for the role of the state courts and state constitutions, together with the federal courts and the federal constitution, in protecting individual liberties.

In this episode of Reasonably Speaking, Goodwin Liu (California Supreme Court) talks to Sutton about the distinct yet parallel importance of the State Court systems and the Federal Court system, including how we came to value so highly the federal system; why we should pay more attention to our state courts and constitutions; and what we as citizens, educators, and advocates should do going forward.

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Published: 2020


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