The Future of Insurance Law and Regulation: Panel Two

On April 6, 2018, The American Law Institute held the 2018 Early Career Scholar Conference on the topic of “The Future of Insurance Law and Regulation.” The conference was organized by 2017 Early Career Scholar Daniel Schwarcz (UMinn Law) and included four panel discussions on various topics in insurance law. This video covers Panel 2: Modernizing Insurance Rate and Market Regulation.

Moderator: William McCartney (former director of insurance for Nebraska and President of NAIC)

Panelists: Birny Birnbaum (Center for Economic Justice); Da Lin (Harvard Law School); Dave Snyder (Property Casualty Insurers Association of America); Rick Swedloff (Rutgers Law School)

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Panel Four: Key Unresolved Issues in the Restatement of Liability Insurance Law and Designing a Restatement of First-Party Insurance Law


Published: 2018


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