MDLs Go Mainstream: Mass Torts Today

This podcast episode of Reasonably Speaking explores multidistrict litigation (MDL), from its origins to current examples and recommended reforms.

MDL expert and scholar Elizabeth Chamblee Burch (Georgia Law) will lead panelist John H. Beisner (Skadden), Abbe R. Gluck (Yale Law), and Shanin Specter (Kline & Specter) as they discuss the nuances of MDLs and examine how all involved in the process should never lose sight of the human element in these cases. The panel will also explore the role of MDL judges and address the MDL’s pain points as they relate to appellate opportunities, plaintiffs’ attorneys, and more.

A transcript of the episode is available here. Please excuse typos due to inaudible passages or transcription errors.

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Published: 2020


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