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Beyond COVID: The U.S. Presidency: Looking Forward

Top scholars in U.S. presidency and political science discuss the history of the U.S. presidency and its future “post–Trump.”

Coping with COVID: Legal Services Organizations on the Front Lines

Leaders in legal services organizations discuss how COVID has exacerbated assisting people with critical legal needs.

Protecting Children in Criminal Procedures

A discussion about the vulnerability of children when they enter the justice system.

American Indian Law: When Two Sovereigns Collide

Matthew Fletcher and Wenona Singel discuss the nuanced and highly complex field of American Indian Law.

Protecting Individual Liberties: Recognizing the Value of State and Federal Courts

This episode features a discussion about the distinct yet parallel importance of the state court systems and the federal court system.

Creating a Strong Corporate Compliance Program

Two compliance experts discuss the greatest challenges in creating a strong compliance program.

Coping with COVID: How Courts Are Addressing Racial Disparities in the Administration of Justice

This episode explores how courts and judges are addressing the complex topic of racism and racial disparities within the justice system.