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Leaving Clients at the Door

ALI members explain what “checking your client’s interest at the door” means to them, and why it is so important to the ALI’s project process.

Kenneth C Frazier

In Conversation: Kenneth C. Frazier

Frazier talks with ALI President Levi about his professional journey in a conversation at the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting. 

Conflict of Laws: Choice of Law (Foreign Law)

Whytock on the challenges courts face when choice of law rules direct the application of the law of a foreign jurisdiction.

Conflict of Laws: Domicile

Laura Little discusses how changes in modern lifestyles have challenged the domicile concept.

Beyond Covid: Election 2020: Post-Election Litigation

ALI President David F. Levi is joined by three former solicitors general to discuss the topic of election litigation and reflect upon the unconventional challenges faced in the 2020 presidential election.

Property Torts and Restatement Fourth of Property

Project Reporters discuss the connection property torts has to both Restatements of Torts and Property.

Bailments and the Restatement Fourth of Property

Christopher Newman explains addressing bailment law in Restatement Fourth of Property.

Data Economy in the Real World

Christiane Wendehorst navigates through an example of data economy issues in the real world.

Data in a Modern Economy

Wendehorst, Cohen, and Thomas discuss the evolution of the way data is used in the modern economy.