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George J. Mitchell and Olympia J. Snowe: 2015 Annual Dinner

Mitchell and Snowe discuss law, politics, their books, and their time spent working together at the 2015 ALI Annual Dinner,

Sri Srinivasan: Remarks at the 2015 ALI Annual Meeting

Srinivasan provides remarks on the topic of “The Transition from Advocacy to Adjudication” at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Data Privacy and Technology

Solove and Schwartz discuss the importance of data privacy in the face of technological advancements.

Project Feature on Model Penal Code: Sexual Assault and Related Offenses

Schulhofer and Murphy cover some topics, misconceptions, and challenges associated with the project.

Sovereigns and Economic Development in Indian Country

Project Reporters discuss relationships between sovereigns and economic development in Indian country.

Restatement of the Law, Employment Law

Samuel Estreicher and Lee H. Rosenthal on how the Restatement can be a resource for lawyers and employers.

Lance Liebman: 2014 Annual Meeting Farewell Speech

Liebman provides remarks at his final Annual Meeting as ALI Director.

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Keynote Speech

2013 ALI Early Career Scholars Medal Co-Recipient Adam J. Levitin organized the conference “The Ten Trillion Dollar Question Reforming Housing Finance Regulation.” The keynote address of the conference is presented by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.